About Pink Cocoa

So about me… well I am a proud Guyanese woman (GT represent!!!Lol). After the sudden death of my grandfather, life taught me a really hard but important lesson. Live truly like it is your last day (I know cliché much), but now it rings so true for me. When my grandfather woke up that morning he would have never guess that would have been his last day on earth! I don’t want to go to bed at any day and think “man I really should have done something fun and spontaneous today.” I want to go to bed knowing that I lived today. Now how we live and have fun can be different for each individual, fun is as diverse as people themselves. For me a good day of living can include anything from reading a great book or feeling the rush go-karting. So just forget the worries and cares, regrets and mistakes, they are distance memories of a fading past. Now is the time to contemplate on how YOU plan on truly LIVING right now, IN THIS MOMENT!   In the words of my girl Adele, should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements? Well I would like to keep chasing pavements and have them lead me to a SPECTACULAR ADVENTURE.


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