The Scandal Mindset: Real Life Lessons from a drama (Part 1)

Hey Awesomologists!

It’s been a while, and I am so sorry! Life pimp slapped me, and boy did it hurt! But I am back and I am going to have new posts every Thursday.

Ok so guess what, Shonda got me! Shonda Rhimes has pulled me into yet another one of her dramas. Yes, you guessed it, Scandal. I love this show because it is a layer complicated drama rooted in the inherent goodness that Olivia Pope (Kerry Washingtion) and her team has within this “gray area” called LIFE. This show surprises me sometimes. I really appreciate that, I am not easily surprised by many shows.


If you are not up to date with the episodes then this part will be a spoiler so finish the episodes now so we can chat about it silly!

After watching all the episodes back to back, I started to see an interesting theme (one of many). There are real world lessons that can be learned from the themes in this show. In the most recent episode Olivia decided to go out with Jake the high ranking office from the Pentagon, who is secretly assisting the Fitz (the President). While talking on the phone she said “something doesn’t feel right about him,” and guess what she was right. He is actually the mole!

Real World lesson: Sometimes we let people in our life who just obliterate our sense of right and wrong. Olivia stops trusting her gut because one person put her in a situation to doubt herself. Like Olivia, we doubt ourselves even when we know that we are good at something. If you fail 4 out of 10 times that does not make you a failure, nor does that mean that you can no longer trust yourself. If you fail trying to do what is right and the people around you doubt your motivates, then it is time to find people who truly support and understand your abilities. Don’t become like Olivia and let something or someone cloud your judgement. It is hard to not let life shake us so hard that we forget who we are. In these times it is important to know who we surround ourselves with. We need people who will pick us up, reassure us and remind us of the good decisions that we have made (even though we have made poor decisions too).

Thanks Scandal for this week’s life lesson.

Question time!

What do you guys think about how Fitz reacted when he found out that Olivia agreed to rig the voting machine?

What do think Olive should do to get her mojo back?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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