Surving Sandy, the Frankenstorm!

Hey There Awesomologists:

If you live on the East Coast (or have been following the news), then you know that Sandy has passed by and pimp slapped us with her furious nature. So now we are boarded up in our houses waiting for the damage to subside.

hurricane sandy gangnam style

While you wait here are some things you can do at home, or work (but hopefully this devilish misfortune hasn’t befallen you)

1) If you live close to friends, grab all the games you can and jet over to someone’s house for the world’s longest game night (since the estimated damage repairs will take 3-4 days).

2) If you are stuck at work, then it’s time for a little thing I like to call…The Office Chair Games. Race your coworkers to see who can make it down the maze of corridors at your job. The rules of these games are pretty non-existent so just make it up as you go along, it’s more fun that way.

3) If you have lost power (I am truly sorry  if you have) and you don’t live very close to friends or family, then it is time to  curl up and start on the reading list you’ve been putting off. You can get lost in a book for hours (or at least until the lights come back on).

4) If you still have power and a Netflix subscription then I have 2 words for you…Movie Marathon! Time to catch up on all those Oscar winning movies, so you don’t have to pretend you know what movie your “director” friend is talking about.

5) If you have children and the whole family is home, then it is time to start on crafts for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas (or other similar celebrations during this time period) and New Years are all coming up. So why not use your children to help you finish projects you usually do by yourself. If child labor can work for most corporations, I bet it will work for you too.

6) Nothing relieves boredom more than cooking. Pretend like you have your own cooking show, and make something fun. If you didn’t prepare for the storm like you should have food wise, then pretend you’re on top chef and you only have a limited set of ingredients to create a masterfully delicious dish.

7) Do a DIY project while you rock out to music!

All joking  aside my heart goes out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers!


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