SNL…Bruno Mars

Hey Awesomologists:

So I tuned into SNL this week and I thought it was going to be wack, because I didn’t really see any ads about who was hosting this week. But I said hey why not, it’s probably the only entertaining thing on tv right now.
Well I am SO HAPPY I watched SNL this week! Bruno Mars Hosted! And I am excited to see what he is going to do. So as I watch SNL I am going to tell all you guys and gals what I think as I watch. So I am sorry if it seems a bit all over the place.
Ok so the Presidential debate skit was so funny and on point because they actually said what I feel the President and the Governor were insinuating during their debate on Tuesday. Their undertones were spot on.
Bruno was so funny and he had really great comedic timing. He has some great acting skills. I am actually shocked that he is so good. And he is really good at the different imitations of singers, it was kray kray. The only thing is I don’t like that hair, come on Bruno…what is this, the 90s? No one is getting a jericurl, get rid of whatever is going on top of your head. Other than that I love you Bruno, and you were great on SNL!
I love his band! They are so full of energy and super in sync. Maybe its just me but I love when a band and the artist dances and every single person is going to the beat and moving together. And they looked like they were having so much fun!
Mars did a skit as a patriotic mouse waving at tourists in Times Square. Unfortunately people were not waving back and he was sad. I felt so bad for him, now I’m going to have to wave at every cartoon character in Times Square because inside that disfigured cartoon shell is a real person who might be going through something :-(.
As always Weekend update was funny as heck! I don’t want to wait a minute Seth, I am a greedy American. Stefan is a mess lol! Good Stuff Seth!
I like the songs that Bruno Mars did on the show. I was really feeling the songs, I was sitting on my couch jamming out. I went to his website and the album isn’t coming out until 12/11/12 but you can Pre-Order Now. If you want to know more about Bruno Mars’ new album Click Here.

I will update this post as I get more videos.

I hope that you guys like this type of post. Let me know if you want me to do more of these posts.

And always Plug into your Awesome!


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