Eat Healthy without going on a Diet!!!

Hey Awesomologists:

Hearing the word diet usually strikes fear into the hearts of women and men alike. Painful thoughts of skipping meals and eating tasteless rice cakes nearly always come to mind. But dieting doesn’t necessarily equal healthy eating.

Dieting isn’t about being on a cleanse or not eating carbs, diet simply means what you eat and how much of it you eat. The important factor about dieting and being healthy in general is knowing your body and figuring out what is right or wrong for YOU! The road to a healthy lifestyle is paved with patience and perseverance, but if you hang in there the results will be remarkable.

Here are a few steps to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of dieting without having to eat a single tasteless rice cake:

1) Watch your portions

Overeating is a major factor that contributes to being unhealthy and overweight.

2) Avoid regularly eating fried foods

The fats and cholesterol you get from eating lots of fried foods, can increase your risk for all types of diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure. The good news though is that you can have fried foods, but everything in moderating or sparingly.

3) Drink tons of water

Our bodies are mainly made up of water, so not drinking enough reduces your body’s ability to perform vital functions. Also drinking water helps reducing bloating.

4) Don’t eat before Bed

There are two issues with eating before bed: a. Eating then sleeping means that blood rushes to your stomach so instead of your body resting it is working to digest your food. And when you wake you will actually be tired from all that digesting. b. After your body has digested the food, it will be stored as fat because you aren’t doing any activities to burn off those calories.

5) Substitute sodas

Last Spring for Passover I decided to cut out sugar(and if you know me, I Love chocolate and candy). After a month I lost 5 pounds. Yes 5 pounds without exercising or even eating healthy. So imagine how much you could lose when you incorporate eating healthy and lose the sugary stuff; all without even stepping foot in the gym.

6) Remember the fiber

Fiber is essential to keeping everything moving in your body. If things are backed up it could be dangerous for your body because of increased toxicity in your body. Basically if it doesn’t have fiber then its not worth putting into your mouth.

7) Mix what you like with what you don’t like

Eating something you don’t like can be rewarded by eating something healthy that you do like. It makes eating healthy feel less like another chore and more like another part of your daily routine.

There is no better diet secret for looking skinny than actually being healthy!

Plug into your Awesome Healthy Self!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you stay healthy.


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