Nerds Then and Now!


Hey Awesomologists:

The evolution of the word Nerd is so crazy that I can hardly keep up. When I was in high school being a nerd was a super hurtful insult to hurl at someone. But with the rise of celebrity nerds (Pharrell and Mark Zuckerberg), and a raise in open-mindedness we have come a long way on the definition of who is a nerd. They only thing I do know is that I consider myself to be Awesome and I also consider myself to be a nerd. Therefore I would have to infer that  Nerd=Awesome!

In my nerdy awesomeness I present Nerds then and now!

1. Bill Gates

It’s hard to believe that this guy once worked out of his garage, and now his garage is probably bigger than my apartment. And by the way, back in the day those glasses were so dorky, now hipsters trying to be cool flash these as fashion essentials.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

So Mark not only showed up all the nerd haters by starting a billion dollar company, but he also has a beautiful wife who is a doctor. If that’s not nerd power, I don’t know what is.

3. Steve Urkel

I bet you didn’t know there was all that sexy under all that nerdy. Not only does Jaleel White clean up quite nicely, now we know he can dance after his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

4. Ugly Betty

Well now we know that there are even fashion nerds. This is a great show, and America Ferrera did an amazing job. If you haven’t seen the show catch up here.

5. Pharrell Williams

He started a group called N.E.R.D(No one Ever Really Dies). Need I say more.

6. Hermione Granger

The nerdy girl we meet at the beginning of the Harry Potter Series is definitely not the same Hermione at the end of the book. Emma Watson has transformed into a gorgeous young woman.

7. Even Steves

Ok I will admit it. I hated Even Stevens, but when I saw Disturbia I almost fell out my chair! He was so hot and he was an amazing actor. Needless to say I’m in love with Shia Labeouf!

Who is your favorite Nerd turned Cutie? Vote or leave a comment.

And as always Plug Into Your Awesome!


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