My College Survival Guide

Hey there Awesomologists:

So I have been doing the college thing for a little while and it’s been a lot of trial and error. There is so much I wish someone told me about college that I had to find out the hard way.

But luckily for you beautiful people you have me, so you don’t make some of the stupid mistakes I have made.

I have compiled a list from my own experiences and the experiences of some of my other college friends. So I present to you my top 10 ways to survive the college game!

 10. Beware of Cafeteria Food…it’s usually Gross!

You would think that all that money you pay for tuition would actually go to something you could taste, but this is usually not the case. So there are two different aspects of the cafeteria food debacle. If you go to a live in school, then your food may not be good and that’s because they have to cater to so many students (no excuses, I know). So at these schools you end up with bland, easy to prepare food. And if you go to school with no dorms the café is small and has limited options because they are anticipating that most students will go off campus for lunch.  But no matter which school you go to the food you get in the cafeteria is no better than buying a bunch of junk food from Wal-Mart or Target. At the end of the day, it is way better to prepare and pack your own lunch.

 9. Keep Your Legs Closed

 Yea I said it! I know the general thought out there is to sleep with as many people as you can in college (and do an array of experimenting). However I have stunning news for you…this is not true. As much as college is a time for experimenting and going a bit crazy, there is no need to yield to everything that walks by. Trust me its ok to say NO, the earth wouldn’t stop rotating lol…I checked. All the crazy antics and experiments might mean fun now but they can lead to serious consequences that you can never take back. So not wanting to be more of a buzz kill than Buzz Killington (click link and watch the whole video), I will say this! Have fun but don’t do anything that will make you unemployable or unmarriable (yea I just made up this word…so).

 8. Buy Condoms In Bulks

 There are a lot of desperate and stupid people in college, so if you don’t learn to protect yourself that could lead to plenty of drama! So I am totally going to make this a PSA moment! Please people for the love of gravy, GET TESTED! Unless you have never been sexually active, like ever in life, you should be tested for STIs (Sexual Transmitted Infections) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Usually you can be tested at the health facility in your school and the testing is usually free with your personal insurance or with the insurance you get from your school. If those are not viable options then you can be tested at a free clinic in your area. PSA over lol. Back to the fact that people are desperate and hormone crazed, so always be prepared for the spur of the moment mattress dancing. At the end of the day you don’t want to be in a position where you’re like “I should have just bought that giant box of condoms at Costco”(because now you have an STI or unwanted pregnancies). Have no money, no problem because most schools practically litter the floors with condoms, so you have no reason not to put a helmet on your Johnson or insist he put a helmet on his Johnson.

7. Easy Lecturer, Don’t Mean an Easy Test

Let’s face it, some professors just suck! At some point or another you will have or maybe you’ve already had a professor who was just horrible at teaching and the most ironic thing about those teachers is that they always give the hardest tests. I always think how can you possibly put this on the test, you never even mentioned it in class or even in this chapter. Students get tricked often into thinking that because the teacher doesn’t give a lot of homework or minimal class work that they can just coast through the class and get an A. However many teachers make up for the fact they are easy lecturers by giving hard tests. So no matter if your teacher is easy or hard make sure to grill them on what will be on the test, so you have an idea of what to study for.

6. Don’t Buy the Book…Yet

 In the world of overpriced textbooks and empty wallets, buying a textbook that costs $150 only to find out that your professor will never use it, makes you want to jump off a bridge or push said professor off that bridge. So to save you some time in jail (you know for pushing your professor off a bridge), don’t buy the text book until you attend the first day of class (yes the first day of class is extremely important…so go to class). Many times your professor will not even use the textbook for the class or they will give you cheap alternatives to the expensive textbooks. To reduce the amount you spend on books, you can use alternatives like,,,, and

5. You ain’t Nothing but a Number

Most professors have at least two classes with a minimum of 25 students. So it is hard for professors to remember all of their students. So developing a relationship helps you to stand out in their minds. Showing interesting in your class makes your professor feel like you care about the class and doing well. Go to your professor’s office hours and ask questions in class. If you haven’t gone to office hours or asked questions in class, wait until after class and ask your professor for help or questions. At grading time your professor now thinks of you as more than just a number or the student who sits on the right, and that can help your professor decide to bump that B+ to an A.

 4. Eat healthy

 Take care of your health, because the worst thing that a college student can do is get sick. The class that you paid all that money for will either go to waste because you have to drop them or double up because you got an incomplete and you have to do two semesters of work in one. The most important thing you can do in college is to take care of your body. Eat healthy and drink lots of water (or at least drink some healthy juices. Dehydration is a massive blow to your body. So eat regularly, find healthy choices

3. Make a Friend in Every Class

 Make a friend in every class you have because you never know when you are going to miss class and you will need someone to catch you up. By making a friend you can also share resources with your new friend. This is also a great way to minimize the costs of books. And that sharing of resources may even turn into a study buddy, which is helpful come exam time. These friendships can turn into great networking and social opportunities.

2. Microbudget

It is important to have a budget because money goes fast in college. And budget can alleviate financial strain. But if you don’t prioritize spending your end up in some crazy quagmires. So here is the priority list. Food over fashion, cause you can look cute but if you pass out from hunger those cute clothes are going to be destroyed by the doctor trying to save your life. Transportation over alcohol; because after all who wants to be drunk at home. And toiletries over going out. This last one is probably the most important because people forget that smelling good completely overrides looking good. If you are a guy/girl and you smell funky not many people are really trying to talk to you.

1. Don’t Get Loans

Loans are a really great invention for people who have no alternatives for school. They are not for people who want to freshest kicks or the hottest dress from Prada. Loans are a last resort not a way to support and expensive lifestyle. Unless you plan to be in school forever, you have to pay back those loans you take out. And you will go into debt if you don’t repay those loans. Being in debt leads to a low credit score and that means not being able to get a house, apartment, or a car. So the moral of the story no loans if you can help it. And if you must take out loans, then only take out enough to take care of school and no more.

Do you have any other college survival tips? Leave a comment and let me know!

Be sure to plug into your Awesome!


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