Tip of the Day! Back to School Edition!

Hey There Awesomologist:

So I have been showing a lot of love to my fellow college students, but what about my high school peeps(yea that was old school). Well don’t worry today’s tip is for you. You’re Welcome (if you watch Awkward, you get that)!

Just keep scrolling for today’s tip!

Start studying (NOTE: Studying ≠ Reading!)
Teachers in high school don’t tell you this always, but everything you do in high school should be preparing you for college.  I had to learn a harsh lesson in college about my bad non existent study habit. Students in high school, must take the time now to prepare for college, and learning new skills, otherwise they will be drowning in college. It’s hardly a secret that high school students with learning disabilities have little homework and/or studying. Some students with good memories may get away with simply looking over the material in preparation for a high school exam. In college, however, each test encompasses too much material for that method to be adequate. An important component of studying is seeing how well you can restate the information.

Take this study skills survey to see how you can improve NOW!
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The more you do now to get into the college “mindset”, the more competent you will feel when you actually get there. For some students with and without disabilities, the routines needed to do well in college may seem overwhelming. But by making step-by-step changes now, college will not seem nearly as daunting when the time actually arrives.

What are your thoughts?

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