Friendship in the Technology Era

Hey There Awesomologists:

Has friendship changed in this century? Does technology play a part in the demise of our friendships?

Unfortunately, many people think that friendship has somehow evolved into an interaction that only involves social media. Social media has given us a deceptive concept of what friendship truly is. Although the word social is a part the title, if this is your only source of affiliation, it can be a lonely experience for people who like to be socially interactive. With the invention of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., some may feel as though these are the only avenues to connect to their existing relationships. The problems with that are: what happens when the YouTube video ends, the blogger goes on vacation, or the person on Facebook and Twitter stops posting updates. Where does social media leave its followers?

They leave them in a dark and lonely place, which brings me back to the point of friendship in the technology era. At its core, friendships (making and building relationships) haven’t changed, and they will never change.  You still have to show up and be a real friend; you have to put in the time and work! Twitter and Facebook are great ways to stay connected but they can’t become our only connect with friends and family. You have to start building real life relationships with people who are going to be there after social media disconnects.

Perhaps the question that we are left with is, what does friendship in the 21st. Century look like?

Glad you asked! Well it looks like my friend Anthony!

Who is Anthony, the friend? He is korky, kind, and extremely passionate about life.  He likes to accomplish a lot of different goals, which makes him one of the few people I know that is a jack of all trades and a master of all. When he does something he wants it to be the best. He is very social and is interesting in talking to people face to face. He is simply not your run of the mill type of guy. If it was not for Anthony tirelessly putting together my blog, I would not have these wonderful post that all of you enjoy! He helped me for hours without ever once complaining or thinking that it was too much work. His help was not based on what he could get out of the situation, but it was about helping a friend accomplish a goal! I truly appreciate all his help throughout the process of me getting my blog together and I can truly say that this is what friendship in the technology era looks like!

Happy Birthday Ant!!!


3 thoughts on “Friendship in the Technology Era

  1. yeah well…well put together…and so on point…so truth….a little footnote…
    in the technology/social media era…a friend is a FACE, a LINE OF TEXT….or the occasional VOICE…hell a friend in this era could very well be an ENEMY…but all in all….it provides a way of staying safe and protecting oneself…protecting your boundaries and whats yours…those with insecurities feel secure but forever dependent on that technological veil of security….
    Happy Birthday Ant.

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