8 Hot Fall 2012 Fashion 4 Men!

Hey there Awesomologists:

Now that school is back in full swing, the women on campus will be hitting the fashion ground running. But what about the guys? Have no fear men! Here are the trends you should look for this fall, so you can keep up with the ladies!

Fall 2012 Fashion Forecast: Trends for Men

A Spot of England

For men, this season is like the London Olympics of fashion, with plaids, checks, herringbone and tweeds hopping the pond for a stateside splash. The key to really pulling off this look is going crazy with the trend and mixing patterns with one another. For example, a plaid with a stripe or a check with a plaid from J.Crew works well.

All About Hue

Look to embrace a touch of color in your ensemble, whether a purple bow tie, a green-checked shirt, or burnt-orange pants. There’s no need to wear head-to-toe color, but color-block if you feel comfortable doing so.  A purple and gray striped scarf pairs nicely with a velvety blue-green blazer, for example. You just have to do swaps in front of a mirror to get the color combos right.

Leather Memo

There couldn’t possibly be more leather this season, especially in the form of sharp jackets and bags. Always wanted a cool attaché or cross-body messenger? Now is the time to splurge for one (or a huge, leather weekender bag). Wear it slung across your body or planted firmly in one hand and use it as an all-purpose accessory.

Suit Me Up

Three-piece suits are all the rage: coats, trousers and vests. And don’t forget the versatility of vests! You can wear them sexily and stylishly alone with a button-down shirt — with or without a tie. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves so you can get to work in the classroom!

Workplace Blues

Not every day is dress-up day at work or school, and denim is admittedly so comfortable. Which means it shouldn’t be a piece banished to fashion exile, but upgrade the style with darker washes and cleaner cuts, and the trend is to cuff them. Yes, you heard me: roll those puppies up!

Lights, Camels, Action

Light pants are kicking up everywhere. Look for trousers, corduroys and cottons in tans, camel-colors, yellow mustards and peanut butter browns. Wear seamlessly with brown oxford shoes or short brown boots.

Oversized Overcoat

It is a time for big coats. Think three-quarters length, double or single breasted with unique details like faux fur-trimmed collars (picture Dolce & Gabbana’s delicious grey-on-grey long coat).


A simple knotted scarf can really add style miles to an outfit, and for those men thinking it’s too feminine, think again. (Hey, if it’s good enough for Ralph Lauren…) Start with a neutral-toned scarf that picks up on the majority of the color hues of your ensemble (grey, black, brown, army green, etc.) or go bold with a deep purple or blue. It instantly brings attention to your handsome face.

What do you think of these trends? Are you going to wear any of these outfits on campus?

I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment and Let me know what you think!

Funify those outfits people!!!


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