Find your INNER SELF Challenge!!! Day 3

Hey there Awesomologists,

The saying silence is golden is very true. And I realized this yesterday. In my silence I had many revelations. I got a chance to reassess some aspects of my life. And honestly it feels great to be able to look at life from a different perceptive.

How did your silence go yesterday? Did you find out something new about yourself or someone else?

So building off of the new things we learned yesterday about ourselves, today’s challenge is really going to put us out there!

Here we go challenge numero thres(No.3):

Jump into a character!

Yesterday, while being silent I realized the inner me is very caddy! I was surprised at some of my thoughts. They were sassy and funny; and you know what I really liked that!

So today I thought that we should all listen to our inner monologue “person”. Who is that person for you? When you find out, be them for an hour or two and see what happens!

No inner monologue, that’s ok. Maybe there is a character that you think would really represent the inner you, and you always wanted to be that character. Try it, and see what you learn about yourself.

It should be quite an interesting day with this challenge!

Hopefully this totally funifies your day! 


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