Lifestyle Tip of the day!!! Back to School Edition!!!

Hey there Awesomologists:

So here is another back to school tip for high school students for getting better grades!

Here we go:

1. Figure out your learning style

Despite what many people think, anyone can learn how to study effectively. To do so, students simply needs to figure out what study habits and techniques work for THEM.

Part of learning how to study as effectively as possible involves figuring what your learning style is. Once students understands their learning style, they can integrate study techniques associated with their style into the way they study.

This helps relieve the stress on students, because they may have a better grasp on how to sit down(or stand up) and study.

Want to know your learning style take a 5-minute learning style quiz here!

2. Make a weekly timetable

When I was a high school student, I wished someone told me that I needed to start practicing my time management skills. Making a timetable or a schedule will help build your time management skills tremendously.

Making and keeping up with a schedule only gets hard as high school students enter college. Many high school students have the misconception that because college is not all day, that they will have all the time in the world. However that is far from the truth, because many times students have to enter the job world to help supplement their financial aid for other school related things.

Info taken from here.

Don’t forget to Funify your day!!!


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