Find your INNER SELF Challenge!!! Day 2

Hey there Awesomologists,

So yesterday *sigh*….. it was a tough day! Coming from a place of YES is not as easy as I thought it would have been. However a whole lot of positive things did happen because I said yes. I opened myself up to new possibilities and it was refreshing!

So I hope all of you Awesies (Short for Awesomologist lol) had a great time with yesterday’s challenge.

Now today will be kinda of very different from yesterday! Ready?!

Here we go challenge numero dos(No.2):

Silence! As much as you can today, just stay quiet!

What? I’m sure that’s what you’re wondering, but this challenge is for self reflection. Staying quiet can potentially open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Just stopping to “smell the roses” may actually give you a new perception on something that you would not otherwise notice.

So without causing any issues, just stay silent today, reflect and see where that leads you!

And today Funify your day in silence!


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