Lifestyle tip of the day! Back to school edition!

Hey there Awesomologists:

So this is about the time that most students are starting school or beginning to think about school related things. So from now until the end of September it’s going to be all about back to school for all ages! Lifestyle Tip for college students, here we go:

Use School Health Resources

  • Use your school’s health resources. The school clinic has doctors, nurses and counselors on hand to help you. Go in for regular check-ups and go in early if you start to feel ill. Schools often provide free vaccinations, which are an essential part of preventative care. Take advantage of any free cold medication that the school clinics hand out. College brings you in contact with many people every day, so take efforts to stay germ-free.

Eat Well

  • Whether you are cooking for yourself for the first time or eating at the college’s cafeteria, be careful what you eat. A buffet-style cafeteria can lead to eating more than what you intend, while convenience foods can pack on the calories(the freshman 15, but that goes for everyone). Be conscious about what you are eating and be sure that you get plenty of vegetables and fruit in your diet. A balanced diet keeps you healthy and gives you the energy to get through the exam season.

Don’t forget to Funify your day!!!


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