Find your INNER SELF Challenge! Day 1

Hey there Awesomologists:

So I was challenged to be my inner self for 2 weeks (14 days). And at first I was like ok, I can do that! Then I realized, wow who is the inner me? That part has been covered down by life, expectations and society. So who is the inner me? I have NO IDEA! But that fact did give me an idea! Why don’t I put myself through a 14 day challenge to find the inner me. I am not really sure how it is going to happen but I am eager to just explore new depths of myself and figure out what the unadulterated version of myself looks like, undiluted by all the messiness of the things around me like work, school and society. I challenge everyone to the same thing. If you have totally found yourself then it is always nice to keep learning more.

So here we go challenge numero uno(no. 1):

When we are children, we follow all our instincts and inclinations; but as we get older we have expectations and other cumbersome things place on us by our parents and society. We slowly start to cover our instincts with expectations. Well I think that part of finding our true selves, is following out instincts and inclinations.

If anyone has seen the movie Yes Man, you know that the premise of the movie is that you have to be more open to the universe and one way of doing that is saying yes to everything.

Without putting yourself into any grave danger, your challenge for a day is saying YES to EVERYTHING today!

Let’s see where those yeses lead you and if you learn anything about you your inner self!

Don’t forget to Funify your day!!!


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