Smash Burger Review!!!

Hey There Awesomologists:

So I like to eat! Alot!!! But what I don’t like is spending money on a place that sucks, and then bump to a friend only for them to say ” O yea that place sucks! I could have told you that…” Which always leaves me thinking like, umm so why didn’t you tell me! Well I don’t want to do that to all you Awesomologists out there, so I will review as many places as I can. Hopefully I can steer you to some great places, while helping you avoid the horrible places.

Here we go Smashburger review:

Their name is derived from the process used to cook burgers, which entails smashing a ball of 100% Certified Angus ground beef on a grill to “sear in the juices.” Smashburger is similar to Five Guys, but has a more upscale feel.

Overall: ¾

For the type of place it is (alternative to fast food with the same effect), it stands out above the rest so far!

Environment: Bad Ok Good Excellent Awesomist

There is nothing super fancy about the place, however it is always clean (and you don’t even notice anyone cleaning, it’s like they are cleaning ninjas lol). I personal like that they have a rack with condiments and napkins, and that is definitely a plus for someone who uses a lot of napkins that doesn’t want to get up to get more napkins.

Ambiance:Bad Ok Good Excellent Awesomist

They play billboard 100 type of songs. It’s not too loud so you can have a convo with someone without screaming. It can be a bit cold in there, but if it’s a hot day, you’ll probably welcome it.

Service: Bad Ok Good Excellent Awesomist

The wait time is not too long. If you order something to drink, you will have something to sip on while you wait. And they bring your food to your table.

Price: $(Pink) $$(Silver) $$$(Gold)

For “fast food” it is not McDonald’s prices, however the food is way better. So it is So Worth it!

Taste: Cocolious Good Passable “You’re kidding right”

With the exception of the veggie burger, all the burger are really delicious. If you don’t like how the burgers are made on the menu, you can construct your own burger.

Locality:”Right there”“Not too far”“Quite a troop””Holy crap that’s far”

When you get out of the train station, it is about a block and a half away. But if you drive you will have to look for parking that might be that close.


74 Dekalb Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11201 (this is the location I visited)

Phone: 718-222-1101
Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily

973-975 Port Washington Blvd.
Port Washington, NY 11050

Phone: 516-439-4736
Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily

180 W Old Country Rd
Hicksville, NY 11801

Phone: 516-605-2235
Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily

448 Mamaroneck Ave.
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Phone: 914-777-3370
Hours: Sun-Thur 10AM-10PM, Fri- Sat 10AM-11PM

These are all the New York locations, however you can find out more on their website.
So let me know what you think about Smashburger, if you have gone to another location or this locations.

And don’t forget to Funify your day!!!



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